POZ Life Solutions is a member based community that combines practical coaching and ready-to-use resources. Get monthly videos, web series, recipes, and tips on healthier lifestyle choices. Here’s what you get every month….

Master Class – David & Johnny will give you exclusive video coaching on one specific healthier life choice or educational principle each month that you can apply to your life now! This isn’t theory. It’s absolutely practical and actionable coaching.

Growth Step – Top health advocates will give you one Growth Step for you to implement in your life. They range from creating support systems, increasing participation in educational forums, using appropriate terms, to learning to eat healthier. You’ll also receive Growth Steps related to your personal life and how to create fulfilling new relationships. We’ll take you step by step with proven methods that get results.


Case Study. We personally interact with persons diagnosed with all types of ailments, talk with other advocates and develop support systems giving you step-by-step instructions.  Not only will you learn from us, you’ll learn firsthand from other advocates and health professionals around the world.

You get continual access to an ever-growing Resource Library full of documents and templates. There are Word documents, letters and diagrams, ready for you to use in your life.


Community. Participate in Live Q&A calls where we answer your lifestyle questions. Share insights with others in our private, moderated Facebook group.