POZ Life Solutions is a member based community for persons seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Whether it is HIV, Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, or Cancer we have your solutions from A to Z.

Get exclusive video coaching from content creators David & Johnny on the topics you care about. Access documents, videos, presentations and resources to use in your life. Join the community of advocates who want to educate you on what to do as well as help you lead a healthy life.

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What You Get?

POZ Life Solutions is a member based community that combines practical coaching and ready-to-use resources. Get monthly videos, web series, recipes, and tips on healthier lifestyle choices. Here’s what you get every month…. (Read More)

Why You Should Join?

We cover one practical topic every month. As a member you will get exclusive video training and encouragement from David & Johnny, case studies to show you what’s working according to research and access to documents and templates that provide sharable and educational tools.


Where Do I Fit?

Chances are, you know or are connected to someone living with something. But often times no one has a clue on how to interact with the infected person and sometimes can even be extremely offensive towards them.  You need someone who has been there to help you navigate this new life journey.

Pozitively Influenced

David and Johnny have been unbelievably helpful in the education of HIV Advocacy.  It’s not often that you find individuals as experienced and knowledgeable as they are concerning the topic or topics of discussion.  Both David and Johnny have definite personalities which positively transcend to their audience. Their videos are thoughtful, hilarious, and will keep you on the edge of your seat. The chemistry between David and Johnny is authentic and that’s what keeps the audience returning to their content each week.   Their content is like your favorite food, where you have to go back for more! These two have mastered a very simple idea with extraordinary results! Continue to be great you two!


Unbelievably Helpful in the Education of HIV Advocacy